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Red River Llamas


Some handy extras that come in to good use around the farm.

Llama & Alpaca Blankets

Has a water-resistant pack cloth outer shell with polar fleece against the llama and Thinsulate insulation between and then quilted. It's washable and is handy to use on llamas that have been recently sheared. The measurements to determine size are from neck to tail and chest girth.

49" L, 46" girth

49" L, 39" girth

39" L, 33" girth

Llama Baby

Alpaca Baby

29" L, 42" girth
Custom and smaller sizes may be ordered. $69.95

Show Cover

Tired of grooming your llama and then returning to his stall in the morning to find him covered with hay and dust? This handy item will help keep your groomed llama clean while transporting or before a show. made of breathable mesh faabric. The measurements to dtermine size are from neck to tail and chest girth.
Small: 39" L, 33" Girth with 4' straps
Medium: 49" L, 39" Girth with 5' straps
Large: 49" L, 46" Girth with 6' straps
Extra Large: 54" L, 53" Girth with 6' straps

All Sizes


Catch Tab

If you leave the halter on your llama, these nylon tabs make them easy to catch.


Spit Mask

For llamas or alpacas. Spit mask attaches to halter with two spring snaps. Made of washable netting. Great gift for your vet!


J Gate Latch

These latches are fantastic when you have your hands or arms full of hay, buckets and you are trying to open the gate. Open with one finger, yet the animals can't open it. 1/4" galvanized metal. Long hook drops over 4" staple and will accept a padlock.


Gate Strap

Another must for the show box. You get to the show and gates have no latch or won't stay latched. There are many different ways you will use the straps.


Close The Gate Sign


Alpaca Crossing Sign - 24"

Alpaca Crossing Sign - 12"

Llama Crossing Sign - 24"

Llama Crossing Sign - 12"

Fogg-It Nozzle

Wonderful mister. Wide Angle, Superfine (1/2 gallon per minute) capacity. Attaches to standard garden hose.


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