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Red River Llamas


From Sprayers to Blowers, to Grooming Solutions, you can find the supplies your need to make grooming "painless".

Coil Water Hose

25 ft. with matching 7-pattern sprayer nozzle. These lightweight hoses are easy to handle & compact for easy storage. No more kinked, tangled wash rack llamas. Hose recoils to 15".


Double Spray Sprayer (left)

This sprayer is a must. My favorite small sprayer. The perfect little helper for putting on that "Leave In Treatment," Llama Spritzer and misting water.

Compression Sprayer (right)

Just pump up and spray this wonderful mister. Great for dispensing grooming products liek Miracle Groom, Laser Sheen, Leave In Treatment, Llama Spritzer. Delivers that fine mist without having to pump a trigger while you spray.


The Washin' Wand

A product that will make the chore of getting the animal completely soaked before washing much easier. Llamas love the therapeutic feel as the wand passes water deep into the coat and massages the body. 25" long.



Blower Filters

Old Style Blower Filter

Air Express III Cartridge Filter $8.95


Atttach this fogger to your blower and blow your Llama Groom, Miracle Groom, Laser Sheen or Glide and Glow. It distributes liquid through the fiber all the way to the skin in just a few minutes.


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