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Red River Llamas


Giving well-deserved care to your llamas or alpacas is a top priority for owners and breeders. From supplements, to wound treatments and insect repellents, we offer items to help you help your animals.

Digital Thermometer

Faster readout!


Mitex Ear Medicine

Safe for ears of dogs, cats & llamas. Keep on hand for those pesky ticks or ear mites. Just squirt in ear and let the medicine work the offending varmit out.


All Purpose Veterinarian Cream

Keep in your first aid kit for emergency cuts and scrapes. 4 oz healing salve.


Wonder Dust

An extraordinary dressing powder and blood coagulant for use on wounds, cuts, abrasions and capillary bleeding. Wonder Dust is a caustic and drying agent for slow-healing sores & infected lesions.

4 oz. $6.95

Vet Wrap

The wrap that sticks to itself. Wrap wooly tails to let the breeze blow through. Also wrap tails when breeding, so wool won't tangle and damage the male. One wrap will do 2 or three tails. Available in five colors.

$2.25 each

Obstrecal Wire

For cutting out fighting teeth.


OB Handles

No Photo Available


Buy several in each'll find you have need for them.

$.50 each (your choice)

Appetite Express

Probiotic paste increases appetite by restoring fauna in the gut. Keep on hand for use ofter a llama is ill or stressed.



This electrolyte paste comes with a dosage marker. It keeps you from giving more that you intended! No copper in this formula, 8oz in 60 cc tube (approx 4 doses).


DYNE High Calorie Liquid DIetary Supplement

Each ounce of Dyne provides 150 calories for extra energy for peak performance. Helps llamas/alpacas gain needed weight.  Can be mixed with water or as is to help combat dehydration and maintain nutritive balance.

16 Oz. $20.00

32 Oz. $30.00

Stillwater Llama and Alpaca Minerals

Make sure your llamas and alpacas are getting the minerals needed to stay healthy. Give free choice or sprinkle directly on their feed.

Llama-Min 102
Electrolytes Stress Formula with Electrolytes, Selenium, Zinpro100 and added Vitamins A, D3, E. Recommended for llamas in the summer and high stress situations.

10 lbs $30.45

25 lbs $55.45

50 lbs $87.00

Lama-Min 104
High Phosphorus for balanced diet with some alfalfa. Has the highest level of Vitamins A, D3, E and B-PlexFive and Biotin. Recommended for Alpacas and Llamas looking for quality fiber.

10 lbs $33.45

25 lbs $58.00

50 lbs $95.00

Prichard's Teat

Screw-on top prevents frustrating, messy spillage. Built-in one-way check valve. Very small, it is the easiest of all teats for teaching crias to nurse. Fits most soft drink bottles.

$2.50 each

Catron IV

An ear tick spray. Controls ear ticks, kills and repels flies. Also for use on woulds to kill and repel flies and fly maggots.


Roll On Fly Repellent

Looks like a deoderant applicator! Works well around the eyes where sprays can't be used. Llamas like it best when applied with pressure.


Gestation Table

Laminated llama gestation table enables you to figure the due date. Simply look up the date bred and the chart gives the approximate due date.


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