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"Shear Magic" Toenail Clippers

THE ONLY toenail trimmers to own! After using these, you won't consider any others! Stays sharp a long time. $19.95

Toenail Trimmers $19.95
Replacement Spring for toenail trimmers. $2.00

Lister Stablemate Clipper

The Stablemate is shorter in length than other clippers to give it a comfortable, well-balanced feeling. $290.00

Stewart Clippers by Oster

Shearmaster Clippers
Single speed clippers can be turned off immediately by the click of the switch. A plus in emergency situations. $270.00

Showmaster Clippers
Variable speed clippers are easier to clean because you can slow them down when you dip them in blade wash. $280.00

Showmaster Clippers


Blades to fit Stewart Oster Clippers

A - Arizona-thin-comb: use when sunburn could be a problem (White Llamas). The cut will be slightly longer and will show fine tracks that disappear after about a week's growth. $25.50 each

B - 20 Tooth Goat Comb: Use this for the closest cut. It leaves the llama show ring smooth. $26.50 each

SH4 Triple A Cutter $16.50


B&B Hand Sheers

Dont get caught without them! Sooner or later, you will have a heat stress emergency & need to the the wool off fast. Either your electric clippers wll be dull, or the llama will be "down" with no electricity nearby. Of course, you could use kitchen sheers, but oh the blisters!


Shear Sharpener

From Burgon & Ball. Use frequently to maintain a precision edge on B&B hand shears. (Not for clipper blades) $9.95

Blade Storage Box

Good blades are expensive, precision-steel tools. These plastic containers allow you to store blades in oil-soaked wool felt safely away from moisture and damage. Useful for shipping blades away for retargeting. Will hold three blade sets. $6.95


Wahl Clipper Oil $4.95


Oster Kool Lube

Keep clipper blades sharp and cool by lubricating as you shear. 16 oz. $6.95

Oster Blade Wash

A must if you are doing your own shearing! Dip your clipper blades in this wash. Cools, cleans & adds life to your blades. 16 oz. $6.95

Kwik n' Slick

A must in grooming supplies. This wonderful grooming tool if for llamas, huacayas and suris. A great tool for cleaning the fleece before you shear or blow. There is no damage to the fiber when you use the Kwik n' Slick.

Slick'N Go

A new revolutionary shedding and grooming tool designed in Canada. Use the crimped grooming tool and a chopping motion. An electrostatic field is created which causes debris to bounce to the surface and fall off the fiber. $16.95


Sullivan Stone Combs

What the serious competitor & professional groomer uses. 9" wide, metal with wood handle (warmer to hold in winter).

Replacement Handle

Wood and metal handle fits on all Sullivan combs. $3.95

Sullivan's Grooming Comb

For serious grooming. This comb removes mats & separated fiber.$14.50

Sullivan's Fluffer

The teeth on this comb are two lengths. Great for cleaning and fluffing the llama's undercoat. $14.50

Sullivan's Skip Tooth Comb

Fewer teeth means less tracking. Use just before going in the show ring. $14.50

Tiny Comb

Tiny touch-up comb can be hidden in your pocket. Great for the show ring. $3.95

Curry Comb

Great to "top off" an animal when deep grooming isn't necessary. Easily removes burrs and stick tights. $6.50

T Shaped Comb

"T" Shaped comb with rotating teeth does less damage to hair because it doesn't snag or pull. $11.95

Mat Removing Comb

Made with sharp blades to cut through thick felted mats. $10.95

Dematting Rake

Made with sharp blades to cut through thick felted mats. $12.95

Undercoat Rake

A miracle worker when it comes to pulling out shedding wool. $8.95


Slicker Brushes

Tiny metal teeth form the bristles of the brush. Perfect for separating the fiber and removing debris. Makes llama wool fluff beautifully.

Lawrence Slicker Brush

Heavy duty slicker with firm bristles. Metal with wood handle. $11.95

Large Classic Slicker

Soft grip slicker with gentle bristles.

Gripsoft Slicker

Very comfortable round-head slickers with curved, shaped and cushioned handles for comfort and control. $11.95 each.

Soft Pin Slicker for gentle brushing.

Slicker Brush for regular thorough brushing.

Rubber Brush used for shampooing and removing dead or shedding hair. Very gentle grooming before you go in the show ring.

Large Universal Slicker

Many customers have asked for this larger slicker with a curved surface. Easy on you and your llama. 4 1/2" wide $8.95


Cuts grooming time in half. 4"x 7" grooming surface, curved to follow grooming stroke. Use like a paddle, by "slapping" the sections of fiber, working from the bottom of the section working up. Llamas are much more tolerant of the Grooming Paddle than a brush.
For best results, completely blow dust and debris out of your llamas fiber. Hold in a loose grip, moving the arm and wrist in a circular motion towards the fiber. The paddle makes contact on the downward stroke with a slap of the fiber and flip of the wrist. Works well on mats used in the same manner.
Hardwood maple construction durability. I have a 15 year old paddle that was finally retired after using it in over 300 grooming sessions.
Use on double and single coated llamas. Do not use on Suri llamas. $39.95

Rubber Brush

For suri fiber. Gathers loose wool with the soft, flexible rubber spikes. Features a curved head and non-slip finger and thumb rests for extra control. $9.95

Grooming Glove

Red rubber grooming glove is great for giving that sleek look to your llama after spritzing before going into the show ring. $4.95

Rubber Grooming Glove

For suri fiber. Lots of rubber fingers to remove dead or shedding fiber. $10.95

Grooming Mit

Use on your suri fiber animals. The other side of the mit is a brush. The soft fingers make grooming a breeze. $6.95

Professional "T" Brush

This "T" shaped pin brush is what many customers have been requesting. Unique shape is easy on the wrist. $12.95

Gentle Brush

Soft bristles make grooming painless. Goes deeper into the wool than the Rice Root or Curry. $11.95

Wood Handled Pin Brush

Everybody's favorite! Metal pins deep groom without snagging. Rubber base makes this brush gentle, but thorough. $11.95

Rice Root Grip Brush

Popular rice root bristle brush has been upgraded in both feel and function by adding a rugged suede covered plastic grip to the wood base. Molded finger grooves. The most comfortable brush you'll ever use. From England. Bristles are stiff enough to remove debris, but it doesn't pull the hair. Great for babies and llamas that stress while being groomed. $24.95

Soft Rice Root Brush

This brush has soft bristles that work best when scrubbing llama's legs and heads. It's also great for cleaning out feed pans and water tubs! $9.95

Leg Brush

For those hard to reach places that need to be washed, the extra extension this brush offers is great. $12.95

Blowers & Supplies

Blowing is the easiest way to clean a llama, as they like it better than being brushed or combed. Just blow debris out of the dry coat, or use to blow wool dry after bathing.

Sullivan's Air Express III

Research shows the Air Express III is #1. The Heat Booster increases air temperature up to 10% to dry animals faster. New rocker style switch for the Heat Booster. The only blower with a supplemental heater, which is great for those winter shows. The funnel design on the Air Express III has less air restriction. More efficient airflow with less restriction means more air power to dry your livestock faster. Six beautiful colors to choose from. $330.00

Blower Fogger

The blower fogger works with the blow dryer for fogging or misting. Great for putting in Llama Groom, Miracle Groom, Show Sheen or Laser Sheen. Fogger puts it out fast and evenly through the wool. $10.95

Blower Filters

Old Style Blower Filter $5.95

Air Express III Cartridge Filter $8.95


Atttach this fogger to your blower and blow your Llama Groom, Miracle Groom, Laser Sheen or Glide and Glow. It distributes liquid through the fiber all the way to the skin in just a few minutes.



25 Foot Spiral Hose

Stop lugging that heavy old water hose around the shows. This little light weight spiral hose makes washing your llama so much more comfortable and take up a lot less space in the show box.



Double Spray Sprayer (left)

This sprayer is a must. My favorite small sprayer. The perfect little helper for putting on that "Leave in Treatment", Llama spritzer and misting water.



Compression Sprayer (right)

Just pump up and spray this wonderful mister. Great for dispensing grooming products like Miracle Groom, Laser Sheen, Leave in Treatment, Llama Spritzer. Delivers that fine mist without having to pump a trigger while you spray.



Bio-Groom Anti Stat

A must for every showbox. If you have ever gone to a show and the wool is flying everywhere and not laying down, just spray this ANTI-STAT on and all your problems are solved. It is alchohol free, therefore, it doesnt dry the wool out.





Keeps your llamas and alpacas show ring ready. Made from durable polypropylene mesh. Use STALL SHEET® to cover any bedding material like straw, shavings, sod, shredded paper, plastic squares or cardboard pellets. Lamas remain debris free and dry. Urine is quickly absorbed (no splash-backs) into the bedding beneath the sheet and does not resurface. Pellets dry out quickly, so clean up is easy with a broom. No green knees or fiber!
Lightweight and easy to handle. A 10'x10' Stall Sheet® weighs only 3 lbs. A light spray with a hose, five minutes to wash and five minutes to dry. No more heavy, messy carpets or mats to handle. Also works terrific at home.
Use with Stall Fresh® spray for optimum results.
Stall Sheet® comes with four clips and four straps to secure the corners of the sheet to all stall types. For best results, the four corners of the Stall Sheet must be secured or weighted down. At the end of the show, roll up and secure with straps for easy, lightweight transport. 10'x10' $95.00

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