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Red River Llamas


Functional feeders and buckets that hang, stand and are durable at home or at shows.

Deluxe Hay Bag

These large hay bags will hold a lot of hay and you don't have to worry about constantly refilling them at shows.


Hanging Hay Bags

These hay bags hold abot a quarter of a bale of hay and are great for taking to the show. Fill them before you go to the show and hang them in the trailer for your llamas or alpacas to eat while you are on the road. All you have to do is take them out and hang them in the stalls when you arrive at the show. Holds enough hay for one llama or alpaca for a couple of days. You will love this hay bag


Bale Bag

Cordura shell, web handles, zipper opening on three sides. Hold standard size bale.


Small Feed Pan

Just the right size for feeding grain. 4" deep by 11 1/4" in diameter. Available in red or blue fortiflex.


Rubber Bowl

8" diameter, 4" high 2 qt. tub. 100% rubber composition. Small Bowl, but heavy enough to leave outside without blowing away easily.


Fence Feeders

Plastic feed pans fit on the fence. The perfect place to feed grain or minerals.


Hookover Bucket

These wonderful new water buckets make life so much easier. They do not tip over as easily as the regular bucket we hang in our stalls. They are of a heavy duty plastic and extremely sturdy. Great for hanging in stalls at shows.


8-Quart Hookover Feed Pail

The two-in-one feed pail. Available in red, blue or green.


Flat Backed Bucket

A great value! It rests firmly against the wall because one side is flat. Made of fortifex, they hold 18 quarts.
Available in six colors.


8-Quart Flat Backed Bucket

Made of fortifex, it holds 8 quarts.
Available in red, blue or green.


Bucket Hanger

A must for your show box. 3/4" nylon to hang those buckets safely up in the stall rather than leaving them in the floor.

 8 Quart Regular Bucket

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