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Red River Llamas


For the best in supplies, shop by category. At Llama Things,
I take pride in offering the very best quality supplies and equipment
because nothing less will do, whether you are in
your llama barn or the show ring! If you can't find what you
need, please contact me and I'll look for a source.

Toenail Clippers

THE ONLY toenail trimmers to own! After using these, you won't consider any others! Stays sharp a long time.

Replacement Spring for toenail trimmers $2.00

Lister Stablemate Clipper

The Stablemate is shorter in length than
other clippers to give it a comfortable,
well-balanced feeling. Case not included.


Stewart Clippers by Oster

Shearmaster Clippers
Single speed clippers can be turned off immediately by the click of the switch. A plus in emergency situations.


Showmaster Clippers
Variable speed clippers are easier to clean because you can slow them down when you dip them in blade wash.

Blades to fit Stewart Oster Clippers

A - Arizona-thin-comb: use when sunburn could be a problem (White Llamas). The cut will be slightly longer and will show fine tracks that disappear after about a week's growth. $25.50 each

B - 20 Tooth Goat Comb: Use this for the closest cut. It leaves the llama show ring smooth. $26.50 each

SH4 Triple A Cutter $16.50

Lister Wizard Blades

For Lister Showman, Stablemate or Laser units. Wizard Blades cut through wool quicker than the Standard Blades because the teeth are spaced a little further apart.


B&B Hand Sheers

Dont get caught without them! Sooner or later, you will have a heat stress emergency & need to the the wool off fast. Either your electric clippers wll be dull, or the llama will be "down" with no electricity nearby. You could use kitchen sheers, but oh the blisters!


Wahl Clipper Oil

Oster Kool Lube

Keep clipper blades sharp and cool by lubricating as you shear. 16 oz.


Oster Blade Wash

A must if you are doing your own shearing! Dip your clipper blades in this wash. Cools, cleans & adds life to your blades. 16 oz.


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