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Red River Llamas


For the best in supplies, shop by category. At Llama Things,
I take pride in offering the very best quality supplies and equipment
because nothing less will do, whether you are in
your llama barn or the show ring! If you can't find what you
need, please contact me and I'll look for a source.

Lawrence Slicker Brush

Heavy duty slicker with firm bristles. Metal with wood handle.


Large Classic Slicker

Soft grip slicker with gentle bristles.


Gripsoft Slicker

Very comfortable round-head slickers with curved, shaped and cushioned handles for comfort and control.

(1) Soft Pin Slicker for gentle brushing.

(2) Slicker Brush for regular thorough brushing
(3) Rubber Brush used for shampooing and removing dead or shedding hair. Very gentle grooming before you go in the show ring $11.95

Large Universal Slicker

Many customers have asked for this larger slicker with a curved surface. Easy on you and your llama. 4 1/2" wide



            Cuts grooming time in half. 4"x 7" grooming surface, curved to follow grooming stroke. Use like a paddle, by "slapping" the sections of fiber, working from the bottom of the section working up. Llamas are much more tolerant of the Grooming Paddle than a brush.
            For best results, completely blow dust and debris out of your llama’s fiber. Hold in a loose grip, moving the arm and wrist in a circular motion towards the fiber. The paddle makes contact on the downward stroke with a slap of the fiber and flip of the wrist. Works well on mats used in the same manner.
            Hardwood maple construction durability. I have a 15 year old paddle that was finally retired after using it in over 300 grooming sessions.
            Use on double and single coated llamas. Do not use on Suri llamas


Grooming Glove

Red rubber grooming glove is great for giving that sleek look to your llama after spritzing before going into the show ring.


Grooming Mitt

Use on your suri fiber animals. The other side of the mitt is a brush. The soft fingers make grooming a breeze.


Rice Root Grip Brush

Popular rice root bristle brush has been upgraded in both feel and function by adding a rugged suede covered plastic grip to the wood base. Molded finger grooves. The most comfortable brush you'll ever use. From England . Bristles are stiff enough to remove debris, but it doesn't pull the hair. Great for babies and llamas that stress while being groomed.


Universal Slickers

Great for grooming. Each features a curved head to penetrate the hair better and non-slip finger and thumb rests for extra control

(1) Soft Pin Brush: finer, denser. Set bristles make this slicker soft and flexible $11.95

(2 ) Firm Pin Brush; ideal for removing tough mats and tangles $11.95

(3) Massage Brush: great for suris.  Doesn’t pull the wool out $11.95

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