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Red River Llamas


What better thing can you do for your lama friends than continually educating yourself about their biology, effective training and nutrition? We provide books on several topics from reference to hobby, children's books to marketing avenues.

Llama or Alpaca Record Notebook and Forms

One inch binder has gold leaf impression on front to give your records a professional look when showing registration papers to potential buyers. Record forms are double sided and three hole punched to fit binders. 12 forms per package and universal for all types of animals. Record identification information, genealogy, vaccination record, veterinary information and breeding record as well as a place for a photo.

Complete Notebook

10 for $5.95

Raising Llamas by Gale Birutta

The book that answers all your questions. Perfect for new owners. Details on purchasing, showing, health, breedings, marketing and much more. 327 pages, 100 illustrations, 6" x 9".


The Camelid Companion
By Marty McGee Bennett

The Camelid Companion is the definitive guide to training, handling, and managing llamas and alpacas. You will learn how to be the kind person a camelid loves to be around while still accomplishing your management job safely and efficiently. Whether you have two llamas or 200 alpacas, The Camelid Companion is for you. 400 pages, hundreds of illustrations.  


So, You Share Your Life with a Llama. What Now?
By Susan Peterson

A primer for old, new and want-to-be llama owners. Preparing for your llama, grasses and grains, shots and worming, breeding, training, grooming, and loads of other information.


Caring for Llamas & Alpacas

A management guide which is highly recommended by some of the most knowledgeable people in the llama & alpaca industry. Information on transporting, restraints, medical disorders and treatment. Spiral bound.


Spinning Llama and Alpaca
By Chris Switzer

Fiber I.D., cleaning and collecting, preparation of fiber, blending, marketing, and storing. Chris is a leading expert in the llama and alpaca industry. Second edition.


Hands On Spinning

You'll find all you need to know to spin unique, beautiful, high-quality yarns for your knitting, weaving, crocheting and other yarn crafts. Understanding the spinning process, choosing a wheel and preparing fibers are covered. 8 1/2 x 10 3/4 paperbound book, 120 pages.


The (Mis)Adventures of the Llamas at Hunter Hill

A collection of true stories written by the llamas simply recorded by Sharon Hubbard. The llamas are unique individuals, each with its own personality, special talents, quirks and habits. 75 pages of heartwarming stories. Illustrated by Cheryl Ryberg.

If I Was A Llama

A wonderful book children are sure to love. Written, illustrated and signed by the former school teacher, Ann Madison.

Llama Driving

A basic guide to training and driving your Llama or Alpacas.

Projects for Alpaca and Llama

Edited by Chris Switzer and signed. Features 25 projects, 16 artisans and 7 techniques: Crochet, Felting, Knitting, Knitting-Felting, Locker Hooking, Machine Knitting, Weaving.

The Blue Ribbon Alpaca

In Josephine's herd, winning is everything. But all that matters to Josephine the alpaca is the children who own her. A love she believes must be earned by winning a blue ribbon. Yet Josephine is never given the opportunity to compete in an alpaca show. Unaware of her spectacular fleece, she is puzzled when the other alpacas begin to tease her. Josephine is convinced she is no longer wanted. In a desperated attempt to prove her worth, Josephine finds the true meaning of love.


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